Genre Busters Biographies

BIO1-DrZither.png Doctor Silas Zither

They laughed at him at the university, and that was about all the resume Zither needed to secure a position working for the bad guys. If there’s an ingenious new weapon or device in the field, it’s probably because of him. Conversely, if there’s a stupid idea that never should have made it off the drawing board, well…that’s probably him too. Of course, most of his brainstorms yield nothing but the safest pieces of gear. Almost assuredly. We’re pretty sure. In all likelihood. Yeah.

The Dark Overlord

The Big Man. The Dark Cheese. Everyone needs a good villain, but most who fall into that category have a competent staff whose dedication to evil is in lockstep with the boss. The Dark Overlord is lucky if he can demand a latte without baffling his minions.

BIO3-Trent.png Trent

A guy’s guy. Everyone’s favorite at the party. The sort of fellow you call on to help you move. Unfortunately for Trent, his friends all want him to help them move stuff in outer space or a volcano or


Heroing comes easy to Randall – all the men in Randall’s family were heroes – but that doesn’t satisfy him because his dad won’t let it go. Family holidays are an uncomfortable time, even when lasers or poison-tipped darts aren’t flying.

BIO5-Delia.png Delia

Ain’t she sweet? She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, she craves adventure, and she never complains about her figure. This may be because “a life of adventure” usually translates to “eating grubs from the forest floor” or “running 20 miles a day to outdistance the cannibals,” two things that really keep the weight off.

Lieutenant Falco

A man dedicated to his craft, if stomping on all that is good and pure in the world could accurately be described as a “craft.” Falco has risen to a position of leadership; alas, this also makes him a visible target if (read: when) something goes horribly wrong.

BIO7-Rico.png Rico and Chester

Soldiers in the Dark Army, Rico and Chester are a constant thorn in the sides of their superiors, mostly because they don’t just charge into certain death like most of the other employees. Slightly smarter than their environment, you still wouldn’t want to ask their help doing complex activities like tax forms or the TV Guide crossword or anything.


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